Sunday, September 6, 2015

optic air colored contact lenses

optic air colored contact lenses Cheni Lee OD, FIACLE, PAC Manager Johnson & Johnson said the safest contact lenses are daily contact lenses, because it is designed to be worn all day and throw them at night. The next day you will be using the new contact lenses. The risk for infection is very small. Daily contact lenses are usually only available in translucent colors.

You are fond of using color contact lenses and use them for a minimum period of one week, one month, or 3 months (maximum), needs to pay attention to the following points:
1. Choose a contact lens color pigments are not in front of or behind the surface of contact lenses that do not directly touch the eye. Pigment colors printed on the surface causes the lens surface becomes rough and causes allergies in the eye.

2. The penetration of oxygen to the entire surface of the lens should be as good as clear contact lenses. Generally, the basic material color contact lenses are HEMA (Hydroxylmethylmehacarylate) / Hydrogel containing water content between 38-45% with oxygen transmission of about 18 to 22. Therefore, when buying colored contact lenses, make sure the product has a high oxygen transmission power. Can usually be seen on the packaging. Contact lenses are high water content normally is able to bind more oxygen. It is presented by Dr. Yulia Aziza, Sp. M, M. Kes, Public Relations Society of Ophthalmologists Indonesia in the seminar "Prioritize Health and Beauty Eye With Contact Lenses Choosing the Right" in Jakarta, mid April 2015 ago. The event was held by Jhonson & Jhonson Indonesia.

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